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Our approach to workouts is centered around customization, flexibility, and tailored solutions. Each workout is carefully crafted to suit your unique needs and personal goals. We prioritize your individuality by providing customized fitness plans that can easily adapt to any changes in your schedule or circumstances. With our dedicated fitness coaches by your side, you can expect on-the-spot adjustments and guidance to ensure seamless progress, no matter what twists and turns arise.

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We revolutionize healthy eating by removing the burden of lengthy grocery store visits and meal planning dilemmas. Our cutting-edge approach simplifies the process with customized nutrition guides or plans that are not only effortless but also scrumptious, catering to your specific goals. Sit back, relax, and allow us to shoulder the arduous tasks, while you enjoy the benefits of our innovative solutions for hassle-free and delicious nourishment.

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Discover a world of fitness and wellness with JCFLETICS. Our comprehensive online services include personalized workout plans, tailored nutrition guidance, and dynamic fitness programs. Unlock your potential with elite coaching and development. Maximize your performance with our sports performance coaching. Experience a holistic approach to reaching your goals and embracing a healthier, happier lifestyle with JCFLETICS.






Achieve your fitness goals with a training style that's uniquely yours. Train with the best to get the most out of your workout. Our top-certified coaches create customized, in-person one-on-one training experiences and online fitness plans that are tailored to your goals and offer flexibility for those who need to switch things up. We keep you motivated and hold you accountable every step of the way. Get started today by clicking the link below to connect with your coach for in-person training.

Digital Products

Our digital fitness products offer a comprehensive solution for individuals looking to prioritize key areas of health and fitness. You have the flexibility and convenience to focus on your unique needs, empowering you to take charge of your health and fitness in a way that suits your lifestyle.


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Wow, don't even know where to begin. Feeling very thankful and blessed to come across my boy @jeremiahcausby. 60 days ago I decided to take on this fitness challenge from JCF and it has been one of the most rewarding decisions I've ever made. The journey wasn't easy and it is definitely not over yet. I may have completed this challenge but my fitness goals will not end there. This has helped me develop new eating and workout habits that I cannot let go of and I plan on continuing. I strongly encourage those seeking a change in their life to take on the challenge and make the investment on themselves. This is definitely not your average workout app, JCF is involved daily in your workouts providing on the spot coaching and weekly meal planning. Everything is customized to your goals and alternate workouts are provided in case of injuries. So trust me, you won't be disappointed! Quit making excuses and take on the challenge. Remember, what you eat in private, you wear in public.

- Jose

Fitness Coaching designed to empower!

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