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The Future of Personal Training..


Our newly designed training plans have been carefully created as building blocks to reach your ultimate health and fitness goals.

Choose between three different plans Drip, #cutupwithcausby, and Isobuild. Each, with a core focus to either burn fat + lose weight, shred + tone muscle, or even isolate + build muscle. Our plans are suitable for everyone no matter your fitness background, experience, and/or goals. Train where you want, when you want, and get real results! A true intentional collaboration of in-person and digital training! Choose your fitness plan, the desired amount of training sessions per week/month, and an assigned JCAUSBYFIT trainer will travel to you like "UBER" of personal training! 






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Flexibility and Affordability are always at the forefront of our minds and we have created a way to meet your desired needs for both by getting the best of both worlds! 1on1 & Digital Personal Training collide giving you the luxury of having a personal trainer where you want and when you want while having access to our digital gym on your mobile device. We can all agree that digital training is a lot more affordable and having a personal trainer every day can get costly for some. Get the best of both worlds and access your workouts anytime and anywhere! Track your progress, follow your workouts with instructional videos, receive weekly meal plans, grocery list, accountability, motivation, and expert coaching right on your mobile device! Get started by choosing your plan today!


✓ Mobile 1on1 Personal Training

✓ Assigned Personal Trainer will travel to you

✓ Mobile Equipment Access 

✓ "Uber" Fitness Supplies via Assigned Trainer($+)

✓ "Uber" Nutrition Plans via Assigned Trainer ($+)

✓ Daily Workouts 

✓ Workout Tracking 

✓ Weekly Nutrition Plans

✓ Weekly Automated Grocery List

✓ Food Portion Guides 

✓ SMART Planning 

✓ Food Swap 

✓ Nutrition Tracking 


✓ Mobile App for IOS or Android 

✓ Add-ons and Integrations

✓ Messaging  

✓ Group Fitness Community Access

✓ Accountability 

✓ Motivation 

✓ Tutorial Videos 

✓ FAQ's 

✓ Interactive Coaching & Support 

✓ Free Updates 

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We have made your health and fitness needs easier, more efficient, and more assessable than ever before! We understand that there can be a lot to think about in regards to all the tools you may need to be successful along your fitness journey. Perhaps, using your assigned trainer can help reduce the amount of time and stress associated with this by providing the luxury of essentially acting as an "uber" in the world of fitness; delivering your health and fitness needs directly to your training sessions and/or home. Imagine what it would be like to have more time to focus on training towards your goals and less time thinking about what to eat, grocery shopping, meal planning, meal prepping, buying fitness gear, buying essentials, supplements, etc.  Welcome to the future of better fitness, better health, better life!    





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