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Helping and inspiring others to accomplish their goals is awesome but, helping others find confidence, self awareness, and success is that much more rewarding!

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Washington D.C. 

Wow, don't even know where to begin. Feeling very thankful and blessed to come across my boy @jeremiahcausby. 60 days ago I decided to take on this fitness challenge from JCAUSBYFIT and it has been one of the most rewarding decisions I've ever made. The journey wasn't easy and it is definitely not over yet. I may have completed this challenge but my fitness goals will not end there. This has helped me develop new eating and workout habits that I cannot let go of and I plan on continuing. I strongly encourage those seeking a change in their life to take on the challenge and make the investment on themselves. This is definitely not your average workout app, JCAUSBYFIT is involved daily in your workouts providing on the spot coaching and weekly meal planning. Everything is customized to your goals and alternate workouts are provided in case of injuries. So trust me, you won't be disappointed! Quit making excuses and take on the challenge. Remember, what you eat in private, you wear in public.


Atlanta, GA

Working with Jeremiah was one of the best experiences I have ever experienced in a trainer. His ability to come down to my level and meet me where I was on my fitness journey was impeccable. Not once did he make me feel like I was below him because of his expertise and his ability to push me was like none other. He was able to break down what I needed to do and why I need to do it and make me understand the chronological order in which I need to do things in order to achieve my fitness goals. Jeremiah Causby for the WIN!!!!



My second go round was tougher than my first... mainly because I was recovering from and injury and I really didn’t think I could do it. BUT this is a program I 100% TRUST!! It pushes you in every way! I couldn’t see myself using any other trainer or even recommending anyone else. I lost 15 pounds in 42 days!!! w/o running for over half of that time!! I didn’t even think I was capable and yet, here I am!!!


Atlanta, GA 

One of the best trainers to ever do it! I dropped 30 pounds in 5 weeks! Came with a meal plan and I worked hard everyday! But Jeremiah was gentle and understood my injuries..​


Los Angelos, CA 

When I started JCAUSBYFIT (JCF) I had tried to live a healthier lifestyle for some time. Attempting to lose weight, that I always gained back. When I began with JCF I hadn't worked out in months, and wasn't sure if I would be successful. After 1 week with JCF I had results! I felt empowered and unstoppable, I dropped 2 sizes during the program. Months after completing the JCF I have stayed committed to what I learned with the program, I have continued to lose weight and have become stronger. I look forward to my next round with JCF! Highly recommended!!


Avondale, AZ

I asked a lot of J prior to starting the training plan and by the end of the program I accomplished all of my goals. My physique, my physical fitness level, and my mindset were all elevated. He will push you, that’s for sure. The meal plan was the hardest part to follow.​


Colorado Springs, CO

I started JCAUSBYFIT back before I was pregnant with my daughter and then had to back off because of my pregnancy. Then Jeremiah got in contact with me at the perfect time because I wanted to achieve some fitness goals and healthier living but just couldn’t get mentally prepared. He made the process so easy that it was hard not to come back the second time. I had a couple things in the way but he was very understanding and worked around my timeline. It was extremely hard more mentally then physical but very well rewarding because you just have to follow all his instructions. Definitely recommend!!


Arlington, VA 

It has been an amazing 8 weeks through the JCAUSBYFIT program! I can honestly say that I have tried all different methods before: detox tea, juicing, smoothie diets, going to the gym(looking hella lost) meal prep (not consistent, because don't have enough ideas) a lot of methods are so temporary, feeling skinny for a day or two and then I feel bloated again! So finally one day I got tired of trying the easy way and all the crazy dieting and ready to put in the work to get the body I always wanted. If you looking for a quick fix, JCAUSBYFIT is not for you! But if you ready for a new healthy and fit lifestyle, THIS IS IT!!!!


I know exactly what to do when I'm in the gym, meal preps are delicious. Eat clean all week and pig out on Saturday, that's my type of lifestyle that I'm willing to have!!! The best, I mean the best about this program is one on one conversations!!! I swear I message my coach(Jeremiah Causby) like 100 times a day asking if I can substitute some workout or meals, crazy ideas, concerns and he responds quickly. You don't get that with them bikini guide or other online workout guides. JCAUSBYFIT workouts are tailored to your goals and help you get the results you want. So far I lost 10 lbs in the past 8 weeks and I feel slimmer and more fit than I ever felt in my life!!! I'm so glad that I decided to do this for myself! Thank you, coach!!! This 8 weeks is only the beginning for ladies and gents, you still got time to get your body right for the summer!


Atlanta, GA

Guys when I tell you it's worth it! It's worth it. As long as you come in with a goal Causby has the tools. You just have to want it. When I started off, getting up in the morning was hell. Out of breath doing pretty much anything. Now when I get up I have a lot more energy and endurance. I'm able to actually complete multiple sets now lol! All around just a great tool to pick up. Definitely worth trying.

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